BATTLE4RUN CRAB E1 Sprint Resistance

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This electric version of the CRAB incorporates a high performance electro-brake controlled by a display that allows you to select and display the level of resistance chosen for each run or displacement.

TRANSPORTATION: its innovative design allows the CRAB E1 to be a light and easy to transport machine.

WORK RANGE: offers a range of resistances from 3 to 60 kg. These kilograms are direct traction. Compared to a traditional sled, they are equivalent to 1.5-3 times more depending on the friction surfaces.

DISPLAY: has a display that allows the athlete to select the kilograms with which he/she wants to traction or displacement.

ELECTRIC MOTOR: CRAB E1 is equipped with a top quality electro-brake that guarantees a constant and lasting resistance over time throughout the rope’s travel.

DISPLACEMENT: allows a displacement of up to 23 meters with very good rope recovery.

ACCESSORIES: with optional battery, includes harness and mono-bilateral traction straps.

LEAD TIME 3-4 weeks from order.

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