STS 35 Degree Leg Press

STS 35 Degree Leg Press

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York Barbell STS 35 Degree Leg Press.

Heavy Duty linear bearings will ensure a smooth operation, even with a serious loaded weight. The load capacity is a massive 545 KG (1200 lb) so perfect for serious athletes.

2 x 100mm urethane wheels guide the loaded plate up the main frame effortlessly. The reason for using urethane is because it’s more durable and better under a load than rubber.

The footplate is Completely balanced ensuring the leg press can be performed single or double legged.

Over sized non-slip foot plate can accommodate a wide variety of foot positioning from all size of users.

Weight plates are loaded onto 4 x angled weight pegs; these are attached directly to the carriage/foot plate. This means there is a constant weight being lifted.

The back rest has 4 adjustable positions to maximise the range of motion and target more muscle groups.

Adjustable carriage stops are conveniently placed eliminating the chance of “crushing”.

Grab handles either side of the seat pad ensure you can fix yourself into the seat.

Built in weight storage, similar to that used on the Front Squat, with additional smaller pegs for lower plate increments.

This station is ideal for sports which require massive amount of lower body strength & power such as Rowing, Rugby, Sprinting, Basketball, Football and Bobsleigh.


Dimensions: L x W x H (CM): 249 x 139 x 142 

Delivery is 2-3 days and will be upon a double pallet. Although this is in multiple boxes, these are still very heavy. Please ensure you have help available. Any non-deliveries will be charged for.