ADVHQ-Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

This was an enjoyable project to be involved with. Adam and his now wife (very pregnant at the time) wanted to expand the existing space for the 5th time in as many years.
The plan was to remove internal walls, open up the space and create a distinct look and feel, the moment you walk in.
Background, Adam is a great bloke, funny, overly energetic, and knows how he wants to deliver to his clients, Rose, much more reserved, brings a great balance to the business and to Adam.
The business at ADVHQ (Henley's Health Hub) is based purely on PT, Semi-Private, and Group Fitness. Nothing faddy, just basic functional movements done well, coached well and what makes it special is the true community almost tribal feeling. Everyone genuinely wants to help each other and enjoys the graft.

The transformation took a little over 10 days, from the removal of existing kit, building works, electrics, paint, and refit.
We took away existing equipment that needed a refresh, stripping, and re-powder coating the metal works on racks, designing and fabricating custom storage shelves for their huge amount of small equipment, and re-branding the joiner plates.
We then set about having made a bespoke 12m x 2m lane of turf for sled and modified strongman training, with the ADVHQ branding and colours stitched in, flanked with our premium 20mm rubber tiles. We also added to the small equipment provisions giving them even more options when delivering their sessions to the locals.

The end result is something we and they are proud of. From working with Adam and Rose for as many years as we have, we know what we can do, we know what they want and we explore new ideas, however challenging they may be.

If you have an underused studio space and want to offer something different to your clients and members, please get in touch with us at or call 01327 206550