International Customers

We are proud to be UK Manufacturers and it shouldn't matter where you are based, if you want what we do, then we will make sure you can get hold of it.

Shipping our certified Made in Britain strength equipment or an entire solution to you is very possible, we can either:
A-Wrap/Pack and have you arrange your own shipping.
B-Quote shipping cost to your door.

We will always package your equipment in the most compact way possible, but also the most protective. Using pallets and crates is a great way of ensuring your equipment arrives in A1 condition.

As with everything we export, all customs, duties and VAT will be payable by you and all invoices will be excluding VAT. We will need your VAT number to be included on your invoice from us.

There are many freight companies who can manage the end to end collection and delivery of our products, so please do get in touch and we will help you every step of the way.


Made In Britain