Living Wage Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that, as of 1st April 2023, the Living Wage Foundation has accredited us as a Living Wage Employer.

 Living Wage Employer Logo

Since our inception in May 2019, we have always paid our team and contractors over and above the minimum wage. Our thinking is, we want the most skilled craftsmen and women to work for us and with us to ensure our goal of becoming the leading name in UK Manufactured Strength Equipment is achieved on the right terms.

Along with pay, we also invest in training courses, workshops, and even recovery/regeneration sessions to ensure our team is up-to-date, upskilled, and recharged. We invest in our people, this is what matters to us.

We encourage other UK employers who are not yet accredited to consider committing to this pathway. It is straightforward, pain-free, and is of benefit to you and your team.