Project Spotlight: BSC Fitness, Bicester, Oxfordshire, UK

This exciting project came about when Rhys was recommended he get in touch with us by a PT friend of his.
The brief was to create his vision of a professional group training facility that was efficient, high quality and a place where you wanted to better yourself.

The journey started with a coffee and brain storming, followed by 3D schemes to give a couple of ways the space could be planned and built. Once this was firm we looked into the training surfaces. As his session were going to be relatively light loads, the floor was a high quality engineering concrete floor and the budget wasn’t endless, a 20mm premium gym tile was chosen. Excellent non-slip properties, good impact properties and its mated nicely with the 18mm turf+ shockpad combination, giving an infinite training space with zero trip hazards. Getting the training surface right is the key to all good gyms, it makes or breaks the space and shapes how the rest of the space is to be completed and how sessions are to be ran.

Rhys opted to go with the full rack custom modular pod system opposed to the half rack, on our recommendation that he would effectively double his working spaces with very little extra floor space being used. Small equipment list was nailed down quickly based on how he wants to deliver his sessions, the number of clients and flow through the gym. The pod system is a combination of integrated storage linking each of the 3 power racks together, which has all of the small kit efficiently stowed away in its rightful place.

Conditioning kit included sleds, airbikes, rowers and ski-ergs, all of which support his programming and the needs of his clients. We also created bespoke name plates on each rack to further reinforce his message to all users.

The end result is a world class training space in the heart of Bicester, Oxfordshire, that will cater for general population through to professional athletes.

Project was just under the proposed budget and was funded by our finance partner Johnson Reed Finance.

Project took 4 weeks from initial phone call to installation.