Storage. Everything needs a place.

I am a firm believer a tidy gym is a safer gym. In my 18 years as a personal trainer and coach, I have always ensured the areas I train in or have coached in are left as I would expect to find them. That includes all bars unloaded, plates on the correct pin, dumbbells in the right saddle and in pairs and order, its not OCD, its respecting the gym. I do find it difficult to attend public gyms because you cannot find the kit you need or all of the above is just not replicated. Do I have high standards, I don’t think do, I just treat the space as it should.

This leads me onto a discussion about storage solutions. One of the problems we find with gyms is there is always lots of small kit such as balls, kettlebells, bands and rollers and never an obvious home for them. By making a home, many of the above problems will start to improve, because if members see other members putting kit back where they have taken it from, they just may follow suit and hopefully there is a knock on effect. Storage used to be single units for plates, kettlebells, medicine balls, which seem like a good idea, but the foot print of these and the individual cost can be hefty. A modular system can be added to as and when you can afford to or if you add to your small kit provisions or simply reconfigured.

Racking these 4-5 shelves high can create a neat wall of equipment with an obvious home. If you wish to lock away TRX or bands or boxing gloves/pads, you can order a lockable cage to do just that and it simply bolts into the shelf location. If you own a busy personal training studio, space is key, so if you can get as much of the small kit up off of the floor, you will maximise your working space. But it doesn’t stop at just storing equipment, the units can be pimped further by the inclusion of battle rope anchor points, TRX/Suspension Training upper mounts, pull-ups bars even landmine or dip attachments, all of a sudden they become a training station.

In SGPT (Small Group PT) settings, a pod system works well, where groups of 2-3 people work in their pod, which includes a power rack, assortment of dumbbells, slam balls powerbags, kettlebells and plates. This efficient system is sleek and allows a good number of users in a single space. The modular storage system bolt to the rear of the power rack and serve that pod and only that pod. This stream line approach maximises efficiency and the professional delivery of your sessions.

If you wish to explore the wonders of storage in your gym, please get in touch with us, we have standard (ish) an fully custom solutions to solve your problems.