Velocity Based Training with Vitruve

We are hugely proud to announce we are now the exclusive distributor of the Vitruve Velocity Based Training device for UK & Ireland

The Vitruve device is a Linear Positional Transducer device that provides a high level of consistency and accuracy in measuring bar speed (velocity).
You are connect to the barbell or with a cord and either using the roller hook or with the nylon velcro strap.
The Vitruve system can also be used for jump training/testing simply by attaching the cord to the athete, it really is a multi use testing device.

With the Vitruve being affordable, we expect to see a huge interest from professional and semi pro sports teams who may not have previously be able to justify the spend. With the accuracy and validity being backed, it makes this a sensible option for those who training athletes and even the athletes themselves.

We have been trialing the Vitruve system on our rack mounted jammer arms with good feedback, using both weights, bands and the Ancore resistance system.
Our thinking is not everything has to be attached to a barbell, some athletes feel they can express themselves better in a more game orientated movement, such as a jammer press or step into a press.

If you are a strength sport athlete such as a powerlifter, the Vitruve is a great addition to your home or gym training, allowing you to test and train at maximal velocity.