Carbon Claw RB7 Laced Spar Glove

Carbon Claw RB7 Laced Spar Glove

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The Recoil RB-7 Spar Glove Lace is for the traditional training boxer who requires a glove that can replicate a more competition boxing feel with a Lace tie up application.

The 10oz glove can be used for sparring/training and competition use, but also a 16oz option for a more robust upper body training session.

Incorporating a generous range of shock absorbent layered foams the glove has a firm feel impact which gradually softens through consistent use.

The inner padding foam layers have been formed to ensure a natural clenched fist to be maintained with little or no effort on the inner forearm muscles.

A built in finger grip bar allows the user to maintain full confidence in the gloves balance and stability for when punches are being repetitively thrown.

Another key feature is the safety attached thumb tie, allowing the thumb to follow the direction of the punch thrown without it being caught unnaturally.

The inner glove has a comfort fit lining made from an anti-microbial moisture wicking material to aid cooling and hygiene, along with additional palm vent holes to reduce heat build-up.

Code/CC-781, Size 10oz

Code/CC-782, Size 16oz