Carbon Claw RB7 Spar Glove

Carbon Claw RB7 Spar Glove

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The all leather RB-7 Series glove incorporates a generous range of shock absorbent layered foams.

The separate foam layers have been constructed and shaped to help form and maintain a natural clenched fist with little or no effort on the inner forearm muscles.

A built in finger grip bar allows the user to maintain full confidence in the gloves balance and stability when punches are being repetitively thrown.

Other key features are a safety attached thumb, a wide wrap around wrist strap with hook and loop closure to allow for a multitude of tension settings to create an ideal wrist alignment and wrist support.

The inner glove has a comfort fit lining made from an anti-microbial moisture wicking material to aid cooling and hygiene, along with a mesh weave palm material and additional vent holes to reduce heat build-up.

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