OMNIA Series HD Nordic Ham Curl Bench
OMNIA Series HD Nordic Ham Curl Bench
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OMNIA Series HD Nordic Ham Curl Bench

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Our HD Nordic Ham Bench (Floor GHR) is built like a tank to bombproof your posterior chain.

At just 1500mm x 600mm, this relatively compact unit is a great addition to any performance gym, when it is not in use it stands vertically in just 600mm x 300mm footprint.

Designed and manufactured in house, using 75 x 75 x 3.6mm box throughout (same as the rest of the KRATOS range) the weight and footprint creates stability and thus confidence for the athletes and other users.
As our box section design has a 4-way hole system, you can add bands for assistance or resistance with the addition of our band pegs. We also have a neat pair of elevation feet which bolt on if you wish to reduce the working angle and make it easier.

Incorporated regularly into an athletes program, it will increase eccentric hamstring strength, which has been proven to reduce hamstring injuries caused when sprinting, turning and kicking.

Stronger hamstrings will also increase squat and deadlift strength, as well as a 
runners power and speed. 

Our foot plate is larger than traditional GHRs, allowing the user to ground their feet effectively, can accommodate larger users such as front row forwards and gives more stability when stored vertically 

The foot roller section has dual height holes, which gives 1" adjustment on our standard box section, simply by choose which pin hole. No pull-pins to break, we have used the same 20mm steel threaded pin and knurled knob we use on all our rack attachments.

50mm dual density foam covered in leather grain material, gives additional grip to the user, even when sweaty. Foot end of the pad is contoured to give comfort and support to the top of the foot and front of the ankle.

Lead time: 2-3 weeks from order.
Colour Options: Available in 10 standard RAL Powedercoated frames and  200 different upholstery colours.

Every part of this is made here in Daventry, Northamptonshire.

A bit about Nordic Curls:

"The Nordic Ham Curl (NHC) has been studied extensively in the sports science literature. While some evidence exists indicating that it can help athletes sprint faster, a large body of evidence shows that it can help with the prevention of hamstring strain injuries, and it does so through two key mechanisms.

First, it builds eccentric hamstring strength. This is critical in sports as the hamstrings must be able to absorb large amounts of force. And second, it lengthens the hamstrings, which is characteristic of all eccentric training. For this reason, most strength coaches only have their athletes perform the lowering phase of the movement (the athlete lowers under control and then crawls back into position, omitting the concentric phase.)

But what about non-athletes/regular lifters? Is the NHC helpful for those seeking general strength and physique improvements? The answer is absolutely. When I started Glute Lab San Diego, I instantly began training dozens of bikini competitors. They took a huge liking to the NHC right off the bat, which was strange to me because I'm all about the glutes and the NHC is a hamstring exercise. Regardless, I started having them do NHCs twice a week for 3-5 sets of 3-5 repetitions. Initially, they couldn't control the lowering phase that well. They'd get half-way down and plummet quickly to the ground. After a few months, they got way better at them and could lower themselves under control all the way down. Some even were able to pull themselves up and perform the concentric phase without any assistance. Then they started entering their competitions, and their hammies (and glutes) looked way more developed compared to their previous year's condition. All of my competitors were pleasantly surprised and would say to me, "Bret, the only thing different in my hamstring training is the addition of NHCs." Others noticed a transfer to their deadlift strength from a steady dose of NHCs. Suffice to say, the NHC is a highly beneficial and oft-neglected exercise in strength and conditioning."

- Bret Contreras